About our services

Power Leveling

WOW Classic power leveling for a class or anything else done by our veteran booster with over 7+ years expirience in the field. We will provide you the best service with the fastest completion time and 30-45% cheaper than other websites! Whatever you need we got, simply contact us in our discord channel!

Challenges, dungeons and quests

WOW Classic Challenges and other type of dungeon clearing is what we know well, its something our boosters have been doing for a while now and we can complete ANYTHING, best service with cheapest prices! Contact us!

Custom Orders

WOW has a wide range of stuff you can want and purchase,, do not worry if you dont see the product you were looking for! CLRBoosting offeres custom orders. Whatever you need just contact us in our private discord and we will set up a custom order for you!



1. The WOW Classic game

Boosting in Classic WoW is a way to skip boring in-game things and enjoy the game. Why Boosthive? Our team is qualified boosters who played since 2006 and know everything about vanilla boosting. We offer all kinds of in-game services to reach LVL 60, increase the power of character and other wow classic carries.

4. escape The impossible grind with clrboosting

Dont waste your time doing stuff you dove like, let us do it for you. Our boosters are expirienced and can do the boost very fast and let you get back to your account and play. We will help you out, just reach out to us!

5. Custom Orders

Need or want something we dont offer? Lucky you! CLRBoosting offers Custom Orders, whatever you might need, we got you! Just order a custom order with us!