About our services

Placement matches

Placement matches are very important for your future rank. Let us help you ensure that you don’t end up at the bottom of the ladder. We guarantee at least 70% win rate or more.

Rank Boosting

Tired of your teammates always bringing you down? Want to compete at a higher level? We can help you with that. We will boost your Rocket League MMR up to desired level. 

Seasonal Rewards

Rocket League has changed the ranked system and is finally giving a fair chance for everyone to acquire the the seasonal rewards. Surely this sounds exciting but winning 10 gamest in a single rank can be a challenge. You might want to think about buying Rocket League seasonal reward boost from CLRBoosting. We have Grand Champion Boosters who are more than capale of getting 10 wins in any rank you desire! Buying Rocket League seasonal rewards boosting will not only get you the seasonal rewards, but as well as experience, levels, and random loot drops.

Custom Orders

Need or want something we dont offer? Lucky you! CLRBoosting offers Custom Orders, whatever you might need, we got you! Just order a custom order with us!

About our services

About our services

1. The Rocket League Game

Rocket League is basicly Football, except with cars! The video game is developed by Psyonix. It has become a major hit on every main platform for gaming. The game is unbelievably physics-based though combining soccer with driving. It is a competitive multi-player game that comes with varied degrees of difficulty and is challenging. Its a game every football fan can play and enjoy! 


Rocket League has a very tough ranking system. You are assigned a MMR (match making rating) and you are constantly put vs tougher opponens as you rank up. So you will always be challenged and always be in a scenario you must focus and compete to come out ahead. This means if you are a skilled champ 2-1 you want to get to champ 2-1 rank to be able to play vs the people in the same skill in order to be challenged and get better at the game. But, What do you do if your Stuck in a ELO HELL, cannot rank up??


When you cannot rank up due to bad teammates, teammates that do not cooperate, teammates that does not give callouts or use their mic, teammates that are throwing the win away, trolls, not serious players, we could name a 100 reasons more, you are in whats called ELO HELL.
Its exactly what its called, ELO=MMR, HELL = well, you know this one already.
So if you keep playing at this rank, firstly you will not rank up and secondly  you will actually lose skill since you are playing vs lower skilled players. Even if your rank is gold 1, its a good idea to rank up so you face better players and you get better by failing. You learn and improve. Very effective.

How to get out of Elo Hell??


CLRBoosting is here for you. We know the pain, we know the struggle of playing with trolls, we know it all. We offer you placements games boost so you do not ruin your new season start with bad starting rank due to trolls and  if your already ranked then no problem. We have rank boosting in rocket league for you in order to rank you up and get you to your desired rank.

Stop the pain, Let us make all the pain go away and make it fun again!


Need or want something we dont offer? Lucky you! CLRBoosting offers Custom Orders, whatever you might need, we got you! Just order a custom order with us!