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Placement games

Dont risk getting a bad to start to a new season with your placement games. CLRBoosting offeres a 90% Win Ratio when ordering Placement Games with us. Let us get you a good start!

Rank Boosting

Stuck at a rank and cant rank up due to bad teammates or solo q? Dont worry, CLRBoosting offers Rank Boosting and will help you reach the desired rank in no time!


In need of just a couple of wins to rank up or make your MMR more stable? No problem, CLRBoosting got you covered, simply order Net-Wins and let us get it done for you!

KD Ratio Boost

We all were noobs on our primary accounts when we just started, and low KD is a result of that. Luckily for you it doesnt need to stay that way! CLRBoosting got KD Ratio boosting! Get that Ratio up, Now!

Renown Farming

Desire to open alpha packs or just have a shit tone of renown? Lucky you, CLRBoosting offeres Renown Farming. we will do the grinding for you! Very fast and easy.


You want to level up but dont want to level up and go through the grind? Lucky you, CLRBoosting offeres Power Leveling. We will do the grinding for you! Very fast and effective.

Scoreboard Picture

Desire to have a homepage picture with you doing a hard carry? You having 30,35 or even 40 kills vs golds-platinums? We offer that exact thing you desire. Our booster will do the carry and take Scoreboard Screenshot Picture and provide it to you. CONSOLE ONLY, we dont offer this on PC since people will just think he hacked or cheated.

GO4 Strats

We have GO4 winning veterans on our booster list. Whatever you might need im sure we can help out! Go4 strats or custom orders, simply hit us up!

Custom Orders

CLRBoosting offers Custom Orders, If you desire or need something we dont have, simply contact us and we will provide a solution for you. Whatever you need, we offer, dont believe us? Let us prove you wrong!

why clrboosting?

about rainbow six siege & boosting

1. The Rainbow Six Siege game

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is an hugely popular online tactical shooter video game. Game is developed by Ubisoft and it was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on December1, 2015
At first glance, might seem like every other FPS shooter out there. But after seeing and feeling the tension and the stress put on your shoulders to finish the mission, you will realize that this is not like any other game you ever played. Shortly described; environmental destruction, cooperation and team based, huge variety in operator selection with each having different nationality and gadgets….No, i just noticed, Its Impossible to describe it! Go play it if you really want to know whats it about, simply put, amazing is not enough.


2. Rank System

Rainbow Six Siege has a very tough ranking system. You are assigned a MMR (match making rating) and you are constantly put vs tougher opponens as you rank up. So you will always be challenged and always be in a scenario you must focus and compete to come out ahead. This means if you are a skilled platinum 2-1 you want to get to platinum 2-1 rank to be able to play vs the people in the same skill in order to be challenged and get better at the game. But, What do you do if your Stuck in a ELO HELL, cannot rank up??


When you cannot rank up due to bad teammates, teammates that do not cooperate, teammates that does not give callouts or use their mic, teammates that are throwing the win away, trolls, not serious players, we could name a 100 reasons more, you are in whats called ELO HELL.
Its exactly what its called, ELO=MMR, HELL = well, you know this one already.
So if you keep playing at this rank, firstly you will not rank up and secondly  you will actually lose skill since you are playing vs lower skilled players. Even if your rnak is gold 1, its a good idea to rank up so you face better players and you get better by failing. You learn and improve. Very effective.

How to get out of Elo Hell??


CLRBoosting is here for you. We know the pain, we know the struggle of playing with trolls, we know it all. We offer you placements games boost so you do not ruin your new season start with bad starting rank due to trolls and  if your already ranked then no problem. We have rank boosting in rainbow six siege for you to rank you up and get you your desired rank. If you need just a couple wins we offer net wins boosting and you can simply buy 1-7 wins and we will get you those to either rank you up or maintain your rank. 

Stop the pain, Let us hit you with the stim pistol! We are excellent Docs!

5. Bottom line

CLRBoosting is 30-45% cheaper than all other boostin websites, we really want everyone to be able to afford this and we love being Docs and shooting Stip Shots to all of you and healing your wounds and destroying the core of it. Let us aid you!