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An overview of all our services within rainbow six siege 

Placement Games

Dont risk getting a bad to start to a new season with your placement games. CLRBoosting offeres a 90% Win Ratio when ordering Placement Games with us. Let us get you a good start!

Rank Boosting

Rainbow Six Siege Rank Boosting by CLRBoosting. Our Boosters are Champion rank players who play daily at the top ranks, High Win rate and Fast completion times.

Net Wins

In need of a few net-wins or just want a couple wins to maintain your rank? Then this service is perfect for you. Orders are completed quickly due to the volume being small in general.

KD-Ratio Boost

KD-Ratio Boosting is for you if you want to raise your KD or you wish to regain a previous kd. KD Boosting is done in another server so you do not lose your rank or lose any progress.

Power Leveling

Just starting out and you dont want to grind to level 30 to be able to play ranked? Then order here and let us aid you, we offer boost more than 30 levels also, contact us!

Custom Orders

Want something we dont offer currently? Or want something altered? We offer Custom Orders, simply contact us and we will set up a custom order for you so you get exactly what you want.

About our services

Learn more in depth about each service 

About Placements Games

Every new season, you have to re-play your placement matches. These are by far the most important games of the season, Why?
Because depending on how good you do on your placement games, your grind to top rank could be made easier or harder. You see, After placements if you lose to many you will get Bronze – Gold rank and then you will have a hard time grinding to platinum or diamond. But if you instead were to purchase placement matches with us, we guarantee 70%+ win ratio and we will get you a good start on the season. The boosting is available on PC, Xbox and PS4.

About Rank Boosting

When you cannot rank up due to bad teammates, teammates that do not cooperate, teammates that does not give callouts or use their mic, teammates that are throwing the win away, trolls, not serious players, we could name a 100 reasons more, you are in whats called    ELO HELL. If you keep playing at this rank, firstly you will not rank up and secondly  you will actually lose skill since you are playing vs lower skilled players. Even if your rank is gold 1, its a good idea to rank up so you face better players and you get better by failing. You learn and improve. Worth it.

About Net Wins

Net Wins means positiv number of wins. For ex, 3 Net wins = 3 wins with 0 Losses or 4 Wins with 1 loss or 5 Wins with 2 losses. Rainbow Six Siege Net wins boosting is recommended to purchase if you want to avoid deranking if you lose only 1-2 games, or if your close to a higher rank and only need a few wins. If thats the case, then this service will be cheaper than rank boosting since its only about a couple of wins. The completion times are fast due to net wins often being just a couple wins and usually done within a couple of hours. 

About KD Boosting

We all were noobs when we started and as a result our kds are not great. With KD boosting service provided by CLRBoosting you can change that. KD ratio is same on all regions and servers but rank is different on each server. So we will go onto another servers and play, thereby not affecting your rank or mmr in any way. KD boosting is done by champion boosters who can do 2-3 kd a game in diamond + elo, so it wont be hard and order will be completed within hours.

About Power Leveling

Have you just started playing Rainbow Six Siege and want to head directly into rank? Thats risky and if your not familiar with fps games then we advise against it. We suggest play casual and practice first, dont rush it. But if you still wish to get to level 30 or beyond, CLRBoosting offers Power Leveling Service that will boost your level real fast and easy.

About Custom Orders

Need anything that we dont provide or need something that we have a variation of but you need it altered? We offer Custom orders, whatever you want we can do, all you need to do is to contact us and we will finish the job in time and fast. You can order custom orders via our discord or livechat.

Will the booster appear offline?

Yes, Booster will appear offline at all times.

Will the booster talk to my friends?

No, Never! Boosters are never going to speak to your friends or join their party invites. 

Who will boost me?

Our boosters are top players on the leaderboards, after establishing contact with them, we give them trials and tests they have to pass with flying colours. Only then are they hired.

How long will my boost take?

It all depends on what you order and how big your order is, in general, orders are started within 1-4 hours and finished asap.

Will my 2 step protection be a problem?

No, Its not a problem at all. Simply jion or discord and contact us or do it by livechat, and we will notify you when booster will log in and will need code so you can give it to us.

Can i play while my account is getting boosted?

You can only log in if booster is logged out, you can only do so AFTER contacting us and we confirm booster is logged out. If you log in while booster is playing, then theres a big risk you kick booster out of the game and progress gets affected badly. 

How do i keep track of my order progress?

We give updates on progress on discord, join and we will tell you when booster is logged on, progress, when its finished, etc.

Why should i choose CLRBoosting?

Theres alot of reasons, Just to name a few, We have Legendary Boosters, Amazing support that always wants whats best for the customer and we are by far the most Affordable Service in the industry.

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