Frequently Asked Questions

You dont have to read our FAQ prior to sending us a message, We are here for you! 

How can i contact support if chat funtion is not working?

After you order the boost you will be taken to our Discord channel, where you cn speak with the Customer Support        above your order status. You can also join our private discord here:

What are the payments methods?

We accept Paypal debit/credit cards and gift cards (ex Amazon US)

Does the booster talk to people on my friendlist?

No, our booster have clear and strict rules and under no circumstanses will they do such a thing! If you have some special instructions you can put it in the note section when ordering.

Who will boost me?

Our boosters are mostly streamers and challenger league players. They are under strict rules and they complete every order exactly as ordered for maximum customer satisfaction, just one of our great features.

What is priority and is it good to buy?

Yes, Priority means you want us to prioritize your order over other orders. Normal order completion time is 24-48 hours, depending on order volume. Orders with priority are started much faster and finished much faster.

I have 2 step activated on my account, is that a problem?

Not at all, simply let the booster in when he attempts log in by providing him with the code needed. You can do so simply by talking to customer support on discord.

Do you guys use cheats, glitches, mods or anything else against terms of service?

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Why should I pick you over competition?

We have affordable prices, prices that are much cheaper then our competetors, We have these prices while maintining the Pristine Quality and we make the boost very simpel for the customer.

How do I contact you if my questions haven’t been answered?

Feel free to contact us via our private discord – our support is online 21/7 hours per day, or use the form.


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