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Camo Boosting

Completing all camos can be both hard and boring for most people and it also takes a lot of time. That’s why we hired our professional team of boosters to get those guns Golden, Platinum, or Damascus in the minimum amount of time. You can use our service in all regions and platforms. Get your camos today.

Nuclear Boosting

Want to get a nuke? Want some other challenges to be finished and earn those achievements but can’t do them yourself for some reason? Good news! CLRBoosting offers challenge completion for Modern Warfare and we will do it with style too. Boost is done by professional veteran boosters.

Prestige Challenges

To aid players in their journey to higher Prestiges, we have started our Prestige Challenge boosting service. Simply use the button below and choose which challenge you wish to complete.

Leveling Boosting

We offer our leveling services for those who find frustrating or just simply don’t have the time for it. We offer leveling anywhere from 1 to 155, a variety of additional features such as maintaining a KD of 1.5 or more, and doing it in express mode. There are no limits for us, order once and become our loyal customer.

Game Library

Weapon Leveling

We can level up any weapon you want and unlock the attachments for you. Our Live Chat 24/7 team will also help you with any inquiries you might have. Get your desired weapon and unlocks right now.

Career & Dark Ops Boosting

The Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops hide lot of things behind ‘classified’ screens until it’s completed. Which obviously makes it hard to solve them on purpose. Thats why we started our Career & Dark Ops Boosting service to help you complete all challenegs.

K.D Ratio Boosting

We are all noobs when we first start playing a game, and low K.D is a result of that. Lucky for you it doesn’t need to stay that way! We started our K.D boost for all those players out there to get to their desired K.D ratio. Our Professional boosters can get as many kills as you wish, no limits. We guarantee a fast and anonymous boost for you. Get that K.D up today!

Operator Unlock

If you want to unlock an operator from, Simply select which operators you’d like and checkout. Of course, you can select multiple operators in one order, there are no limits. Our Boosters will Unlock them for you anonymously in no time.

Order Process


Do I have to own CoD Cold War?

For Playstation and Xbox, you don’t have to own it, but you need to own it in Steam or Uplay.

How can I communicate with my booster?

When you place your order, you can contact our support in discord and get updates about your order.

Can I pause my Boosting order for a while?

Yes. If you want to play yourself, we can pause the boost and you can play and enjoy your play with your friends, and after you are done, you need to inform us so that we can tell our boosters to continue

Do you use bots for boosting?

No, we are not using any bots or any script. We are only using real skilled players to boost your account.

Once I pay for the Boost, what do I do next?

After You place your order, you should join our discord server and talk to our customer support, they will tell you everything and keeps you updated all the time. And you can ask them if you have any questions.

What are the payment methods?

Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and a couple other credit cards.

Can I play on my account while you are working on it?

No, because if you log in our booster will get logged out of your account and lose the game he was playing. If you want to log in, contact our support in discord and they will tell you when the booster will log out and when he will be back on playing.

Is My Account Secure During the Boost?

Yes. Your account will be boosted by verified boosters that had worked for us for years and their repiutation is depending on us so be sure that nothing bad will happen to your account.

Contact Us By Discord

If  you have a question that is not listed here, please do care to contact our support in discord for faster response.

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