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An overview of all our services within black ops 4 

Gold Camo

 Dont you want your favorite gun golden? Yes you do! Here , let us help you because it can be a real pain and struggle. Pistols and snipers could ruin your KD also if you tried to get them golden. Dont worry, We are here for you, simply order and let us do it for you!

Diamond Camo

 Dimaond camo sure as hell looks sick, do you desire to have it? Its something that could make the game fun again and be very cool to have. Dont grind weeks for it, we can do it within a 2 days. Our boosters are veterans and can do it in no time! Diamond camo boosting is affordable too!

Dark Matter

Dark matter camo boosting by clrboosting. Our boosters all have dark matter and are expirienced with how to do it. We can get the job done in 2 weeks and we will do it for a very affordable price too. Kd boost and power leveling in included.

KD Boost

KD-Ratio Boosting is for you if you want to raise your KD or you wish to regain a previous kd. Our boosters can easily get 70-90 kills every match. KD ratio boosting in black ops 4 is provided by pro players and people with alot of expirience.

Blackout Wins

Blackout wins boosting is fairly simple, you order and our boosters get on your account and get you the wins. After that booster plays for a little until its completed and then order is done. Blackout wins are very affordable.

Blackout Merits

Desire merits to level up and gain those extra stuff you want so much? We got boosters that co the job very fast and easily. Blackout merit boosting is one of our neat skills that most dont offer.

Zombie Services

The number of stuff you could order in zombies varies alot, so we offer custom orders for zombie boosting in black ops 4. Simply join our discord and privatly speak to Tommy about what it is that you want. We will set up a custom order and get it all done for you in no time.

Custom Orders

We can do anything in black ops 4. Whatever you want boosted, we can do it, all you have to do is either order or join our customer discord and speak with us pm. We wills et up a custom order that will be exactly what you need and we will give a discount also for you taking your time.

Power Leveling

Power leveling boosting or prestige boosting, whatever you call it, we got it for you right here. You simply order how big of a boost youw ant and we will get it done for you. Fast and hassle free. Our boosters are very good and we can do it all in no time..

Will the booster appear offline?

Yes, Booster will appear offline at all times.

Will the booster talk to my friends?

No, Never! Boosters are never going to speak to your friends or join their party invites. 

Who will boost me?

Our boosters are top players on the leaderboards, after establishing contact with them, we give them trials and tests they have to pass with flying colours. Only then are they hired.

How long will my boost take?

It all depends on what you order and how big your order is, in general, orders are started within 1-4 hours and finished asap.

Will my 2 step protection be a problem?

No, Its not a problem at all. Simply jion or discord and contact us or do it by livechat, and we will notify you when booster will log in and will need code so you can give it to us.

Can i play while my account is getting boosted?

You can only log in if booster is logged out, you can only do so AFTER contacting us and we confirm booster is logged out. If you log in while booster is playing, then theres a big risk you kick booster out of the game and progress gets affected badly. 

How do i keep track of my order progress?

We give updates on progress on discord, join and we will tell you when booster is logged on, progress, when its finished, etc.

Why should i choose CLRBoosting?

Theres alot of reasons, Just to name a few, We have Legendary Boosters, Amazing support that always wants whats best for the customer and we are by far the most Affordable Service in the industry.

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